About Me

I’m an incurable optimist. I can be snarky too, when it’s deserved, but one of the things I think is truly missing in publishing is the customer service. Most of the time, you finally get the courage to hit send on that query, and it sits in someone’s slush pile for months on end before you get a vague, unhelpful, “Thanks for querying, but we don’t want it” email.

That’s frustrating, and if it’s an agent you really wanted to work with, crushing. I know. I’ve been there.

On the other hand, publishing professionals as a whole don’t have time to give personalized feedback to every single piece that comes across their desk. When they get several hundred queries, 100+ manuscripts, (and that’s not even counting all the work they do for their existing clients) each month, it’s time prohibitive for them to give the kind of personalized feedback they’d like for each person.

I want to find a way, someday, to make my corner of the publishing world a friendlier, timelier twist.

Take the chance. It’s scary, but one thing my journey so far has taught me: There’s no growth without fear, without taking that risk and saying, “Hey, here I am.”

Fancy bio, for those who prefer their info in third person:

Jami Nord is frequently accused of having a TARDIS, because she gets so much done. Between a day job as a phone monkey, freelance editing at Chimeraediting.com, and the rest of life, she’s really just an expert at time management, hyper organized, and a very fast reader. She grew up reading mountains of scifi and fantasy, cut her professional chops on romance novels, and has a weak spot for GLBT*, disabled, and racially/ethnically diverse characters told with enrapturing style, where their identities are part of who they are, not just a plot thread. Someday, she’ll become an agent, or an editor, and help make dreams come true. In the meantime, she’ll settle for trying to make the industry just a bit more transparent, or at least her tiny corner of it. She tweets at @JamiNord and blogs at jaminord.wordpress.com. She lives in Philadelphia, having finally escaped the clutches of south Texas, though she still favors margaritas and good queso. #Pitchmadness reader and industry advisor, #pitchwars mentor to several wonderful writers, and former intern.

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