Sorry for the radio silence. I didn’t have the emotional or mental energy to blog, and figured you’d manage. Nothing bad going on in my microcosm, I’ve just been reading and listening to a lot of stuff about politics, and I kept meaning to write up a post on how to use those for world building in your novels. But it’s proving more challenging than expected, so it’ll be up when it comes together. Meanwhile, if there’s any writing related topics you’d like my opinion on, feel free to suggest them! Otherwise, posts will be up when they’re up.


2016 achievements:

*Had my first back to back fully booked months with client work.

*Had some absolutely fabulous projects to work on this year with amazing authors.

*Finished a novel of my own-Starboard- and wrote most of another.

*Read 53 published novels and 1 anthology in full.  All but one of those novels were written by women (or nonbinary, in one series’ case). Oddly, this wasn’t deliberate. I always have a LOT of books in my TBR pile, as I buy them when they come out and then get to them when I’m in the mood.

*Didn’t quit my dayjob in frustration or get fired for something stupid. Both were possibilities this year, and I pushed myself past them.

*Saw 3 Broadway shows-Spring Awakening, Allegiance, and The Great Comet.


2017 goals:

*Try not to die.

*Be a light where I can, helping and signal boosting good things. Do not allow hate, in any form, to make me afraid.

*Market my editing services more, with a goal that by this time next year, I want at least 10 new clients and at least 2 more repeat clients (Clients who come back for work on more projects. The more repeat clients I end up with, the more stable my editing work will be, which makes it MUCH easier to leave the security of my dayjob). Right now, my Romance clients are booking me far more than SF/Fs, which makes sense given their release schedules.

*Edit Starboard and, if I’m happy with how it turns out, query it.

*Finish my nano novel, or another WIP, and begin edits on it.

*Start another novel.

*Do something fun for my 10th anniversary with Owen.


What are your goals? Focus on things you can control. Getting a book deal is beyond your control, but editing a book and querying it are things you can do. Same with politics, stay engaged and aware, and do what you can on your level. Life isn’t a dystopian novel, even if it feels like it sometimes. I’m just hoping 2017 doesn’t get the idea to try and one up  2016.

Here’s hoping it’s amazing!