Yay, I actually won Nanowrimo this year! I hit 50k Sunday evening. Given as I had a cold most of last week that resulted in most days being under 1k, I’m happy with that! I’m going to finish this draft, edit the project I finished in September, and then come back to edit this. It’s an experiment in a super sparse drafting, with the intentions of adding easily 30k to it in edits. Oddly, I think this may have been my original style before a decade of writing knowledge crammed between me and my ideas. This brings me to 6 Nanos won, 8 lost. Yes, I’ve been doing this forever. No, I’ve never even queried any of these projects.

Why not?

Well, they’ve never been ready. I actually only ever submitted one thing for publication, a short story that was picked up as part of an anthology at the first place I submitted to. It didn’t sell enough to make even $10 in the course of 5 years, and I eventually, on remembering it existed, got my rights back.

I’m not willing to put work that isn’t as good as I’m able to make it out in public, and I’ve yet to put the work into my novels that they need. I’m really good at telling people what’s wrong with their novels and suggesting ways to fix that. I can see the flaws in my own work. Fixing is another matter. It’s a completely different skill to apply those changes to my own work, and one I’ll freely admit, I’m not happy enough with the results yet to subject anyone other than KT and Owen to. Maybe a select few people who are sworn to secrecy.

If I ever figure out a process that works for me to edit my stories, I suspect I’ll have a clutch of about 10 completed novels to work from. Meanwhile, I’ve focused on being an editor, and love it. I do have one slot left in December and 2 for January, for those who are planning ahead, if you’re interested. *Shameless self promotion* Now’s a good time to book for next year, before I start getting busy. I should do more advertising, but I haven’t, so if you know you want to book with me, do so soon before I stop being lazy, do some advertising, and get busy! 😉