I’m almost done with the second, very close pass on Hetal’s wonderful MS. Hopefully, by the time this posts in the morning, I will be. But I was up way too late with the debate to finish my blog post… So pretend I said something insightful here, would you?

I just.. I cannot with politics. I mostly stay quiet on the subject on my professional feeds, be it twitter or facebook or here, because that’s not what they’re FOR. My personal FB, well, that’s a whole ‘nother subject. But I found myself watching the debate, and getting so frustrated that someone so hostile, so manipulative, so awful, was even put up as the best thing the Republican party can provide. He literally gives my boyfriend nightmares and panic attacks, because he reminds him of Hitler. This is not a false equivalence notion either.

How did we, as a culture, get to the point where such incoherent, -phobic, sexist rhetoric (and I use that term VERY loosely) is spouted from a national podum? We want to be entertained? Is that it? Because I’m not entertained. I am NOT amused. I am horrified.

The sad part is? He’s not alone. The utterly damning thing is that there are still chunks of this country who think he is the better choice. In a sane world, there would not be a SINGLE state who gave Tr*mp their electoral votes. If you are anything other than straight, white, rich, male, and you vote for him? You’ve lost my respect, because you’re being used.

Back to writing lessons next week. Meanwhile, comments are set to moderated, I’ll approve anything that is civil as my time allows. I have 2 days to finish this chapter, the pitch, and the query, and a query for a crit partner, before I have more client work landing (I’m looking forward to this week and next week’s client work. Fabulous romance writers that give me an escape from the madness!). No drama.