Since people were asking a lot about specific SF/F books/if I liked such and such:

This list isn’t exhaustive, and I know I’ve still probably left some off, especially ones I read prior to 2011 when I started tracking my reading. This doesn’t reflect KT’s tastes either, as we often like different things (and outright disagree on some of these!). But here’s a list of some of the big names I’ve loved, as well as some underappreciated diverse authors I’ve loved:


*Maggie Stiefvater-Scorpio Races, particularly.

*Victoria Schwab-Pretty much everything. Her MG stuff didn’t appeal to me enough to read more than the first book, but I’m INSANELY picky on MG.

*Kate Elliot-Black Wolves and Court of Fives both.

*CE Murphy-Pretty much all her stuff, but especially her Old Races and Walker Papers series.

*Zac Brewer-Cemetery Boys particularly, I’m still working on his backlist though.

*Douglas Adams-Because the answer is always 42.

*Lewis Carroll-Alice in Wonderland.

*Erin Morgenstern-The Night Circus.

*Marion Zimmer Bradley-The Firebrand was the first book I read as a teenager that showed the kind of strong women characters I wanted. It has a lot of problems as an adult, but I still think fondly of it.

*Seanan Mcguire- Particularly her Toby Daye series, though I don’t think Fey stories are strong enough right now that I’d pick something like it. Every Heart a Doorway also hit me in the feels, as I have a deep love for Alice in Wonderland (as does KT!)

*Catherynne M Valente-Particularly The Oprhan’s Tales duology and Palimpsest. I know most people don’t like that one, but I loved how it handled the complexity of sexuality.

*Julia Ember-Unicorn Tracks- It’s such a sweet, fun F/F romance, and the adorable unicorn baby had me from coo.

*Kurt Vonnegut-Breakfast of Champions. Just saying.

*Marie Rutoski-The Winner’s Curse trilogy

*Emmie Mears-Still working on her backlist too, because I’m saving them for times where I need a book I know I will like. But come on, canonically bi lead? YES PLEASE!

*Chrysoula Tzavelas-Matchbox Girls, particularly.

*Lynn Flewelling-The Bone Dolls Twin especially, but her Nightrunner series is good as well.

*Tanya Huff-Her vampires so wouldn’t work today, but back when I read it, they weren’t burnt out either.

*Octavia Butler-Xeogenesis, particularly. Wasn’t so fond of Wild Seed, so never finished that series.

*Corinne Duyvis-Otherbound had me devouring it so fast, I didn’t even put my kindle down to get food (I took it with me!).

*Neil Gaiman- Though I’m hit and miss on his. I adored Ocean at the End of the Lane.

*N.K. Jemisin- The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms-Haven’t read the sequels yet, but loved this one. I have to be in a very particular mood for epic fantasy though.

*Malinda Lo-Adaptation particularly.

*M.R. Carey-The Girl with All the Gifts-The only zombie book I’ve actually loved.

*Erin Bow-Scorpion Rules and Sorrow’s Knot both. Deft worldbuilding here.

*Marie Lu-Legend

*Emma Trevayne-Coda.

* Ayala Dawn Johnson-I liked The Summer Prince better than Love is the Drug, but I enjoyed them both well enough that I’ll read more of hers.

*Swu Charman-Anderson- Queen of the May.

*Tamora Pierce-I had high expectations going into her books (having heard many stories of how awesome she is as a person from friends who knew her. Having met her, I agree with their assessments), and they actually lived up to them! Rare indeed!

*Tahereh Mafi-Shatter Me

*Suzanne van Rooyen- Obscura Burning. The Other Me looks AWESOME, but I haven’t gotten to reading it yet.


Of course, I also adore Brenda Drake’s, KT Hanna’s, Rissa Watkins, and most of the Pitchwars Mentors books that I’ve read (In the middle of Pintip Dunn‘s Forget Tomorrow right now, loving it!), but I might be a touch biased on those!


There’s a bunch more on my TBR list I want to read, but haven’t gotten to yet. This doesn’t even count the Contemporary fiction where I mainly read about GLBT relationships (Abigail Haas, Tess Sharpe, etc.) and my romance reads! Before working in publishing, I routinely read 150 books a year. Now, I still do, but most of those aren’t published yet!


Any recommendations? Leave them in the comments or @ me on Twitter.  😀