So remember the post about asking and fears? Turns out I didn’t need to worry.

I asked 4 people, all 4 said yes, and 3 of them have already gotten back to me with the testimonials! I’ll admit, I giggled and blushed repeatedly at these, and it’s a rare boost of confidence that utterly made my week!

Working with Jami at Chimera was a valuable part of my road to signing with an agent. She has a great depth of knowledge of the publishing industry and that gives her a unique perspective on manuscripts.

She looks to help make your manuscript polished and well-paced, but also targeted to the right audience. She has a great ability to pick out what a manuscript needs to find its place in the industry. I am a believer that working with someone like that can only increase your chances of getting your manuscript where you want it to be, whether you are going traditional and trying to catch an agent’s eye, aiming at a specific small press, or honing in on your readership for your self-published project. If you’re looking for help with your manuscript I am happy to recommend the ladies at Chimera.

May B. Bridges

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