One of the cool things I get to do is read books before they’re published. Some are because I’m editing them, or because I’ve promised feedback to friends. Some are because I’m lucky enough to get an ARC (Having a sister who’s a librarian is handy for this. She gets them as part of her dayjob, I get them when she’s done with them if I want them!) Others, I just buy when they’re out.

So I thought it might be fun to show you what catches my attention, before I read them. Some may get reviews, others maybe not. It depends on many things, including my moods.

Future Shock, by Elizabeth Briggs– I love the concept of this. Time travel has always been a weakness of mine. She’s also a Pitchwars Mentor, which meant I had to give it a shot.

Every Heart a Doorway-Seanan Mcguire– I’ve loved Seanan’s stuff since, oh, about the time the second Toby Daye book came out. There’s something about her wry voice and badass heroines that just catches me every time. Add in the idea of portal fantasy, and I’m super stoked about this one. One of the earliest portal fantasies I read was Alice in Wonderland, and I’ve always had a weakness for these. We’ll see. It has high expectations to live up to, for me.

Unicorn Tracks-Julia Ember-Queer, diverse fantasy? YES PLEASE! The concept on this one is just fun, and I noticed a new small publisher putting out a lot of GLBT books with this. Also, check out that cover. Why are watercolors not used more for book covers? I rather like that aesthetic.

The Raven King-Maggie Stiefvater-Of course. Is there a YA reader who ISN’T looking forward to this one? I’ll admit, I think this could have had a tighter storyline if it was forced into 3 books, BUT I also love her voice, and the way she pulls her characters through hell mean I’m probably going to lock myself in my room and devour this in a night or two. I am prepared to have my emotions shattered by this.

There you have it! Any you’re excited about? Ones that aren’t on here you’re stoked about? Feel free to shout them out! There are never too many books in my world!