(Note: NEW FEATURE! I’m going to try to put reviews up every couple weeks here for a few months as an experiment. I’m hoping that gets me around to reading more published books.)


What attracted me to this: I saw the prequel novella for free, and had meant to give the series a try. The author, Katherine Locke, runs in some of the same circles I do, though I don’t know her except in passing. I devoured the prequel in an afternoon, and knew I had to immediately read more.

What I liked: The writing itself is gorgeous. There’s this spare, lilting nature to it that I really like. It’s almost musical, which takes a story about two friends, lovers, and what happens when they meet back up four years after a tragic accident shattered their lives, and turns it into something far more. There’s a lot of heart embedded in the details, and those little moments carry the tension. Both MCs were broken in their own ways even before the accident, and once split apart, they didn’t know how to fix it. It’s utterly human, raw, and charming.

What I thought could have worked better: At first, I was put off by the way the therapist conversations were entirely dialogue-no description or beats. It took a while, but it made sense. Rather than the therapist being an actual character, a fleshed out person, that ended up allowing him to be simply the mirror to Alyona’s words.

I do wish there’d been just a touch more context on a lot of the ballet terms. I’ve never been a dancer (aside from a 6 week ballet class I took when I was 7 where I blanked out on stage and almost fell repeatedly. Grace is clearly NOT my middle name!) so while I’ve picked up a few terms, I didn’t get as much of the visual during the dancing scenes as I probably would have if I’d known the terms. (And looking them up kept leading me down Youtube rabbitholes!)

Recommendation: Drop what you’re doing and read now.