So this time last year, I had around 100 #pitchwars entries, and a conundrum. I had too many I loved. This is a recurring problem, I’ve discovered, but I stressed and freaked out about how to help all the ones I wanted, finally settling on a top 5. Seriously.

One of them, Unrevelations, ended up my alternate. Not because I loved it any less, but because I felt it was already utterly amazing. Technically for Alts, all we were supposed to do was crit the first chapter and query. I devoured this novel, gave her feedback on the whole thing, and there was little enough of that, I sorta panicked when I sent it to her, because there’s no way I couldn’t find more.

We worked on her query, on her targeting list, on every thing we could, but no dice in the traditional route. Humorous Urban Fantasy is stuck with the baggage of overly touch chicks from urban fantasy, and concept burnout.

But you guys, insider secret: THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THAT.

It’s funny. Like, I don’t laugh aloud at books, and I was cracking UP at this! Yet the tension of the strange events, the danger she’s in because of Death’s fascination with her kept me turning the pages. I HAD to know what happened next.

Add to that, Rissa has become a wonderful friend. We chatter back in forth in emails and twitter, and I love her honest, unreserved opinions. She’s one of my favorite people, and I’m incredibly lucky to call her friend.

If you like humor, this is a must read. If you like Urban Fantasy, and are wanting something more than the dark and grumpy tropes? Also a must read.