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Ugh, this month! Things have been BEYOND insane. On top of the usual level of insane, I had a friend from San Antonio (an old Nanowrimo local) pop up with her son for a quick visit that turned into an almost all day hang out. That was awesome, despite me getting sunburned.

He’s so incredibly tall! Last time I saw him, he was this like, 8 year old running around in circles and chattering at high speed. Now he’s an insanely intelligent budding teen engineer.

On the not so good side, My two closest local friends are no longer friends, because of Reasons I Don’t Feel Like Getting Into, and after learning some rather disturbing things about what’d been said and done, and lining it up with what I’ve seen going on, I ended one of the friendships. I should trust my gut more next time, because I saw a trainwreck coming between them. It was only a matter of when and what the final nail would be. Rather than a nail, it ended up a meteor. So between helping the one friend deal and start moving, and some stuff with my internship, I got a bit behind.

1. Keep up on Intern stuff- Ugh. I sent something back 2 days late, which is frustrating. I needed the extra time, and I warned her it would be late, but I still hate being late with anything on this. I’m a perfectionist in my professional life, and while no one is perfect, on time to me is normally late. I’m so accustomed with my dayjobs to being the person who has the highest accuracy, fastest speed, and most thorough rankings, that any minor failures on professional things makes me VERY grumpy. *sigh* In fairness, with all the drama, my head wasn’t in the right space for what the work was. It’s so hard to keep personal situations from coloring your view of a work, but I think I managed it ultimately.

2. Help with Chameleon release- I have SWAG! And an ARC! Isn’t it beautiful?!
Chameleon:TDP swag!
(Also, Chimera business cards! We need to reorder them to include Marlo, which means I’m taking a stack to RWA.)

I really, really can’t wait until you can read this book too. I adore it, and not just because she’s my best friend (as pretty much all my crit partners over the years can attest, I rarely gush about their work until it’s deserved). It’s a book that should have had it’s day long since, and it was close to getting traditionally published when her first agent left. By the time her second agent came along, the market shifted. Publishing is full of stories like this, unfortunately. But thanks to the magic of the internet, it will see the light of day on August 4. Mark your calendar, and if you’ve preordered it, make sure to let her know so you can get your own swag!

3. Close pass on TDP2-Nope. Not ready for that yet, there’s another beta pass on it first, so changing this. Beta pass should land in my box like, Wednesday. Given as RWA is this week and I have a Chimera MS to read through, on top of whatever else lands, likely not finishing this by the end of the month, though I might.

4. Get things set up for #Pitchwars- That’s actually what reminded me to post this. I was going to go draft my bio/wishlist posts (I have rough copies, but I wanted to do all the coding with pics and such!)

5. Have fun at RWA!-I’m incredibly nervous about this. I’m such an introvert, this is SCARY to do, when I really want to impress the agent. But I’m just reminding myself, this is about meeting up with people I already know and seeing how these things work. I have a cute outfit that can go from day to night, as I wasn’t about to haul a cocktail dress on the train and around the hotel all day! At the worst: It’s a Friday off the dayjob, and hanging out with bookish people, which is ALWAYS a good thing!

As a whole, it’s not been a bad month, just a busy, hot one with a lot of “OK, if A then B, if R then S, and if it all explodes, plan X!” kind of planning taking over my brain. Here’s to water ices and sales on ice cream!