1. Keep up on Intern stuff- *buffs nails* Had a bunch to do one week, while I also had a big Chimera project. Still managed to get everything done within their turnaround times! WHOOT! I impress myself when I do that. Sure, I’d like to have some things done before they’re due, but as long as they’re at least done when they’re due, I’ll take it.
2. Whatever KT needs me to do for TDP prerelease stuff= I still have a few minor things I need to poke at (like figuring out a few promo elements, and a way to track effectiveness of various campaigns), but overall, this is under control. Just over a MONTH until Chameleon (The Domino Project) is released! I can’t wait!

3. Close pass on TDP 2-Not started yet, waiting on KT’s pass. Clearly, this is getting bumped to next month.

4. Big Picture on TDP 3- Done. Whoot! (This is the first of, usually, 3 passes I’ll do on it.)

So June? All considered, pretty good. Especially considering the dayjob got REALLY chaotic. I normally have some time in my workday to relax and read. It’s usually in like, 5 minute intervals, but we rearranged desks at work, and I got stuck with a REALLY bad, old, slow computer. It’s still on XP, if that gives you any idea of the suffering I’m subjected to there. So fighting with this POS has eaten my usual productive time. Figures, just when I get a decent computer for home, I get a crap one at work. I’m rather hoping I can get it to go up in smoke if I just keep overloading the CPU (especially given the filthy state the keyboard was in when I got over there, I’m betting the fan is pretty clogged).

July’s goals:

1. Keep up on Intern stuff.
2. Help with Chameleon release.
3. Close pass on TDP2.
4. Get things set up for #Pitchwars.
5. Have fun at RWA! -Only going on the Friday, but I get to do something cool, I’ll tell you all about it later if I’m allowed. And then I get to go to a cocktail party! I’ve never been to one before, so I’m super stoked about this! (I wanted to dress up fancy for this, but I asked someone who’s been to this event before, and she said everyone’s either business casual or jeans. I’m still slightly tempted, but I’ll also be up since 4am that morning, and by 7pm I’ll likely be exhausted. So business casual it is, but something that will still look cute in pictures!)

Here’s to another amazing month! July is relatively calm compared to August. Are there any things you guys would like to see on here more? I can’t talk as much about my internship on this one, though I’ll see what I can post about the thing I’m doing at RWA, as I think that might be interesting to some of you.

August is Pitchwars, and I’ll be posting a lot of things related to it. I did a query crit over at Brenda’s, and I’ll have a page crit up there next week. Would people be interested in more of these in the leadup to #pitchwars?

Also, do any of you subscribe to ebook daily deal emails like bookgorilla/bookbub/ereaderIQ? I have some thoughts on some trends I’ve noticed. I was blathering at the Agent about it, but I suspect I was telling her things she already noticed.  I figure some of them might be interesting/news to you though, so if anyone’s interested, I’ll write something up on that.