So given everything else going on, I sorta forgot to update for this. Well, in fairness, on top of the dayjob and my internship, Chimera’s having a spike in clients, which has kept me attached to my kindle and note file more than usual.

1. Keep up on Intern stuff- Pretty good with this, thankfully it was quite light this week except coordinating something for next month. I really like the agent I’m working with, she’s insanely talented and organized. I’m trying to pick her brain on a few things as well where I feel like I’m not finding the resources and I don’t have the background yet to understand entirely how they work.
2. Whatever KT needs me to do for TDP prerelease stuff= Cover reveal up, Amazon figured out. This is pretty much ongoing until it releases, but I feel like a miniagent with this!! It’s so much fun to see how many things add up to make a book successful. The best thing you can do, if you want to help an author prepare to release a book? Talk about it with others. Get the word out about the book, beyond your circle of friends. The more people who know about it, the more people who will buy it, and the better it will do.

3. Close pass on TDP 2-Not started yet, waiting on KT’s pass.

4. Big Picture on TDP 3.- Pending finishing this large thing I’m currently working on for a Chimera client. This is mainly on the docket for next weekend, with the close pass on 2 hopefully close on it’s heels so I can make sure all the plot threads are both anchored in where they originate and tie together reasonably well.

So yeah. Not a LOT of objective progress, but the start of this month had my sister in town for the weekend, followed by a 2 week large project critique, and with this coming Sunday being Father’s day, trying to plan something to do with Owen’s dad. I need to make some hot sauce to send my dad (He’ll love it. He’s a heat fiend, so I’m going to blend a few different kinds of peppers together for him into my usual hot sauce recipe. Hopefully the bottle won’t explode on the way down.)  or I might chicken out and order him one of my favorite chili powder blends instead. We’ll see, but I need to do it like, yesterday, oops. Eh, whatever. They never expect their presents on time, I’m crap at accounting for mail time.

It’s so funny, but there was a 2 day gap between projects the other week, and I didn’t have any intern work pending, and all I had to do was the dayjob. It was SO bizarre! I realized, while yes, a day relatively off is nice, I like this level of busy. I look at what I get done in a week, and sometimes I feel like there’s more I could do, and sometimes I feel like I’m pushing my limits, but I always feel like yeah, I rocked it. At the end of the day, I’m helping people, and moving forward into what I really want to be doing with my life. It took me long enough to find how my passion could be profitable, there’s this urge to just GO GO GO with it all the time. But keeping a balance, and some sanity, will be key.