Posting. I should do that more.

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been crazy busy with editing, interning, dayjob, and still trying to have something vaguely resembling a social life.

Chimera started off strong. We’ve taken this month with lower volumes, we really need to figure out better ways to promote it. We’re doing a summer special on deep crits and queries so if that’s something you’re interested, I’d suggest booking now, as slots are limited right now.

Mostly because KT and I are working on releasing her DEBUT NOVEL!! YES! Finally!

*laughs* OK, so I’m a bit excited about this. I’ve read this novel more than probably any other novel in my life. Other than MAYBE this one TV tie in novel I was obsessed with as a teenager and covered in scribbles and scrawls of reaction notes, references to other things in the series, etc. But suffice it to say, I’ve seen this from rough, first draft sent as she wrote it to the highly polished, shiny version it is now. This is the novel that landed her her first agent, and got very close to selling before her agent quit agenting. In the time it took to go from that to her second agent, market trends changed, and anything with a hint of rebelling against the Powers that Be was immediately decried as dystopian, said with the sneer you might reserve for someone not cleaning up their dog poop on the city sidewalks.

And yet, despite having read it more than 10 times, I STILL get sucked in. I love the world and characters, and I am so stoked that this is finally going to see the light of day.

If you like scifi, especially scifi with complex and powerful women, diverse casts, and a world that sticks in your mind, I highly recommend you sign up for her street team> and add it to your TBR pile!

❤ Expect to see more posts leading up to that and #Pitchwars. I'll be mentoring again this year, more details to come in August about that. Meanwhile, I'm also going to be at RWA in NYC only on that Saturday at the end of July. No idea if I'll have time to meet up with people (I won't be on my schedule, but on this thing… I'll tell if I can later. Promise!), but plan to at least try to grab a drink or coffee with Brenda, and depending on what time my obligations are done and what time I need to catch a train home, I MAY be able to meet up with folks!

Aside from that, internship is going fantastically, I'm getting a lot of the nitty-gritty stuff that my previous ones never touched on. This is amazing, because I finally feel like there's stuff that I'm out of my element on. Just saying, MARKETING is a CRAZY thing. I need to learn it, but OMFG I have never felt so dumb as turning something in only for her to tell me I completely misunderstood the directions, then trying again and still missing like half the concept. Hopefully third time's the charm. I need to really study how things like Epic Reads and such do their buzz, and see if I can keep from reinventing the wheel with everything.

Meanwhile, if you have anything exciting coming up, LET ME KNOW! I will promote it if I can, and if it's a book, I'll try to make time to read it! 😉 My to do list currently has a ~2-4 week turnaround time for pleasure reading/CP work, but I miss you guys, and I need to catch up on the social side of things again. Expect pokes, you know who you are. 😉