This year was a whirlwind! I feel so lucky, in that I’ve taken several large steps towards my ultimate goals of Being In Publishing. Apologies, but the radio silence interspersed by the rare post is probably going to continue in 2015. A lot of what I’m doing I can’t tell you about, and since one of the rules is not talking really even about industry trends I notice, I don’t have much to say here while all this is ongoing. After, maybe I’ll have more to summarize, it depends on what I’m allowed to say. I hate feeling hamstrung by rules, but I want the end goal of being in Publishing more than I want to opine on the transient things, so you get mostly silence.

Be that as it may, it’s been overall a good year. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve made several new, wonderful friends, and kept strengthening my existing friendships. I tried and failed at some things, and succeeded at others. I’ve messed up and won and lost and kept going anyway. And really, at the end of the day, that’s all we can do.

My 2015 goals are pretty simple.

1. Kt and I have started Chimera Editing, which we’ve talked about doing for several years. So far we’ve had 2 clients as of right now, and we don’t officially launch until January, so this makes me VERY happy. There’s still time to enter to win a query and first chapter critique, which is going to be a BLAST to do! (DM me or use our contact form if you have questions. We’re still finding small things we need to elaborate on, so unless it’s on the outright no list, assume the answer is we’ll read it. KT and I have very diverse reading tastes that don’t entirely overlap, so there’s VERY few genres we don’t read between the two of us. It’s easier to list what we don’t vs what we do!) Ideally, I want to get enough clients from this that it can cover our con fees for at least 1 event this year…

2. Because I really want to try to get to BEA and try to drag KT up for it. Believe it or not, we’ve been crit partners for a decade (roughly, we can’t actually remember when we started critting for each other vs just being in the same writers chat group.), and haven’t actually gotten together in person. Mostly because when we started, she was in Australia, then KS, and I was in south TX and then PA. It doesn’t make easy jaunts to just hang out. This NEEDS to be fixed, and a conference like BEA is perfect. The cheap option is to go only on reader’s day, which I’m doing regardless (already earmarked that fund), but if we can go for the other days, it’s expensive but potentially awesome.

3. I want to apply for at least 10 positions in Publishing over the next year. There’s a lot I don’t know yet, but from talking with friends who have done assistant editor positions, I almost wonder if what I need to know is best learned hands on that way. I’ve interned for over 2 years. I will intern for a third, if I need to, but I won’t argue with getting income from it. Who would, in this economy? Ultimately, I want to make enough from publishing related activities to replace my dayjob and devote ALL my functional time to publishing. That’s CLEARLY not realistic for this coming year, but within 5 years, I think it’s doable. Frankly, I’m knowledgeable, even if there’s holes in what I know, and I’ve followed publishing blogs since 2001… Between everything, I should be able to get SOMETHING paying in this next year, hopefully.

4. I want to expand my network. Strange, to me, that publishing is a who you know industry that attracts a lot of introverts who just want to be absorbed in amazing books. I’ve made a few awesome contacts this year. I’m hoping I can get the courage to introduce myself to a few more of those agents/editors I’ve watched from afar for years. I have to squelch the urge to fangirl, and find something intelligent, or at least coherent to say when I meet them. 😉

5. I also want to get my apartment organized and decluttered. I have too much stuff for a 1200sq ft apartment. Part of my ongoing quest to Be an MFing Adult.