So if you missed the Twitter update, I’m changing internships. B and I both agreed I have gotten about everything she can teach me, and a lovely friend had already put me in touch with another agency who has a far more structured internship program. They’re also FAR more closed lipped about it all, so I’m not allowed to say where, who with, or what precisely I’m doing, but trust when I say it’s a BIG step to cover the areas where I feel I don’t have a firm enough grasp on yet. They also have a track record when it comes to their interns getting jobs. So I’m super excited.

Just in case, if you’ve been emailing me at my agency email, don’t anymore. It won’t work after I clear the last few things out of there, as I’ll be deleting it. Use my name at gmail instead. No symbols or numbers, just my name, first and last. You know, like it’s on the address bar, but gmail after it instead of wordpress.

Things have been the usual insanity with pitchwars almost done, but I’m lucky to have 2 incredibly talented and dedicated mentees who already whipped it out of the park. They made this process a joy and so much easier on my end than I expected. If I were an agent already? I would have already signed them and had them on sub to Tor among others.

So while I finish off this last bit of querying from the old internship, and get ready for the new one, and for Nanowrimo (because of course I’m doing Nanowrimo. I don’t think I’d be able to face a November without Nanowrimo!!), I just want to say a giant thank you. To B for letting me dive her slush, to Brenda Drake for the recommendation and all she does for the writing community, to KT for being the best ever friend in the universe, and for every friend who encouraged me, especially Rae (both of them), Justin, Amber, Rissa, Sarena… You’re all utterly fantastic, and I love you all. โค