Ok, so September passed in a whirlwind of edits, pitches, queries, and revisions. I went through Sarena’s MS and pointed out a bunch of things that on the big picture didn’t work for me, and some small details that bothered me enough to pull me out of the story. Did Rissa’s pitch and query. They’re both immensely talented and have taken feedback SO well, I’m very impressed.

Also, I haven’t done stats in a while, let’s fix that.
*looks* OK, last stats were May. Oops.
June: 147 queries. 47 partial requests. 2 full requests. 1 gold star.
July: 177 queries. 62 partial requests. 4 full requests. 1 gold star.
August: 152 queries. 27 partial requests. 1 full request. 0 gold stars. 😦
September: 149 queries. 18 partial requests. 5 pitmad requests, 1 regular full request. 2 gold stars.

Yeah. Some days I think we’re too easily convinced to get partials. Sometimes I’ll give her no/maybes more benefit of the doubt and request a partial if the concept is good, in hopes the opening paragraphs are just overwritten/bad, which probably doesn’t help.

It always amuses me when people think I’m getting a lot done, because it doesn’t feel like it. Then I look at the numbers, remembering that’s on top of a dayjob, my crit partners, pitchwars, and my best friend and her boyfriend came to visit in there too which was a blast, but had us running from one end of the city to the other for 8 days in a row!

So I suppose I do get a lot done.

How? Well, we all only get 24 hours in a day. Despite rumors to the contrary, I don’t have a TARDIS stashed somewhere (I have several TARDIS-styled items, like the tea pot, a towel, a blanket, and cookie cutters, but no actual, functional machine). I also really LOVE sleep. I’m getting the impression this is abnormal for the publishing industry, but I refuse to give up sleep. Instead, I have a couple advantages. 1. I read fast. 2. I use my phone, kindle, and laptop, as well as a dry erase notebook. This basically means I can do work at almost any point. I tend to read my emails as they come in on my phone. It might be a quick skim while I’m standing in line at the store, or on break at the dayjob. I tag them with the month and what I need to do to them (To read, to request, to reject, etc). I also use my lunch breaks to send emails, frequently. I use templates, so all I have to do is fill in name, title, and sometimes an adjective or a short reason, if one’s noted. I also keep everything in my inbox until it’s done, so nothing gets lost.

The reading itself is mostly done in spare moments at the dayjob. I get to work early so I can eat my breakfast, and while I eat, I read. I often have a few minutes where I’m waiting on calls and such, and I read. Heck, I can read a page while the web browser loads some of the sites we use, or if someone puts me on hold, oh, you better believe I read. My dayjob boss and I have an understanding (He’s creative himself, so he gets it). As long as the work gets done, and done well, he doesn’t care what I do to keep myself entertained. It beats using office supplies to start a rubber band war, after all.

As I’m reading, I scribble notes in my dry erase notebook. Right now I’m using one from Esquoia, which I’m liking better than the wipebook 2.0 I also have, simple because the wipebook became very battered after a month or so of use. The Esquoia is still very new, but seems to be holding up slightly better. These I tend to have in columns. Title. Partial/Full. Good things. Bad things. Gold/silver/magenta (GSM).

So it’s not that I get a lot done, it’s that I can get a lot done because I’m hyper organized about it, and take advantage of what would otherwise be down time to do it all in. πŸ˜‰ I make it work because I want to be able to someday soon leave the dayjob for an actual paid position in publishing. I have the experience. I need to build the contacts, but I’m working on that. I’m actually going to an event at my local library next weekend where a best selling YA author and an editor from a Penguin/Random House (which I still sometimes call Random Penguin) imprint are going to be giving a lecture… But that’s a post for another time. πŸ˜‰