Hi! In case you don’t know me yet (and that’s ok!), I’m Jami. I promise I don’t bite. On top of a dayjob working as a phone monkey for a nonprofit, I wrangle query responses, read partials/fulls, write up reports, and send more rejections than I can even count for a lovely agent with a taste for the dark and macabre. (Seriously, if you have adult or YA horror that actually gets DARK, you should send it her way!)


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This is going to be SO much fun!

So I signed up for ADULT manuscripts, for two reasons:

1. I’m tired of a lot of the YA tropes that have been landing in my inbox lately. Even a lot of them I normally enjoy are just stale right now.


2. Adult and MG have a history of being short of mentors, and I don’t read enough MG to have a good sense of the market there.

Why should you pick me?

Because I’m picky. I’m looking for the absolute best in several highly competitive genres, where the market is pretty crowded, and I’m going to make it even better. My main crit partner for my own writing is agented, and I’ve followed agent/editor blogs for over a decade. I was a writer long before I ever dreamed I might be able to agent.  I will take your manuscript on at both the high level “This is what works, this is what doesn’t, here’s some possible solutions for what doesn’t” and the detailed, line level things that can push a book from a maybe into a HELL YES GIVE THIS TO ME. Always bear in mind, it’s YOUR story at the end of the day. Take what works for you, and ask for elaboration/reasoning behind anything that doesn’t, and we’ll work together to figure out what twists it to all work together in harmony.


Genre wise, I’m pretty open. I love fantasy and scifi the most, especially ones with strong women. Some examples of wonderful SF/F I’ve loved:

vicious 3partsdead starthief

I’m very open to GLBT and racially diverse characters, though it’s better if their identities are integrated into the character and not the focus of the plot. (I’ve read far too many coming out stories. Think Malinda Lo, not David Leviathan.)  It can, and SHOULD, in some instances, impact the plot, but there needs to be more going on than just their identities. I’m not so fond of contemporary, but the right voice can catch my attention if it’s dark enough.

Farfromyou Ohterbound


Style, for me, is going to be key. I’m going to be reading this very closely, several times. I want to be able to savor the words. Some examples of styles I love:


(Yes, 2 of those are technically YA, but it’s hard to find adult fantasy that is lyrical. When I do, I tend to buy everything by that author.)

Take me away to a new world, one I haven’t seen before, or show me a side of our world I’d never know was there. Make it feel REAL. Atmosphere in SF/F is so key. Be it dark and gritty, or bright and humorous, I want to feel like the world extends far

I’m also open to romantic suspense/thrillers/urban fantasy. Some of those I’ve loved:

UrbanShaman Skinwalker RosemaryandRue

I’ll freely admit, it’s hard to catch me with romance. I have to not only like the characters enough to want to spend a novel with them, but the bones of the plot are often too visible. I prefer ones that spool the romance out over several books, rather than them finding their relationship immediately and being all consumed by it in one book, then shifting the focus to other characters for the rest of the series. The pacing in these is SO critical, as is the voice.


If you’re still here, and you think you have the MS for me?

Pop over to Brenda Drake’s Blog and check out how you choose me as one of your potential mentors.

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