A lot of what I do in my internship I can’t really tell you about. Privacy and all that. But I figured I’d like to have a place for people to ask questions and get answers. The publishing industry is both super open about what it does and the epitome of vague, and that’s something I’d love to help fix.

Ask whatever questions you’ve been dying to know. Sometimes my answer might be, “I don’t know, but here’s my general thoughts on the subject”, but I’ll try to answer you as forthright as I judge I’m allowed to be.

I can’t tell you why a specific query was rejected/why a specific MS request was rejected. Because I’m not the agent, I don’t know always know WHY she decides what she decides.  I come from a writing background myself, though. I’ve done more than 10 Nanowrimos. I understand where you’re coming from, and I’m mostly on this side of the desk because I simply don’t write fast enough to consider truly making a career from the writing side of it, and I want out of my dayjob life. I work customer service in my dayjob, and it gives me an unique spin on the publishing industry. Publishing, as a whole, doesn’t HAVE customer service. It’s a lot of throwing things into the aether and waiting to hear more.

I want to (eventually) do what I can to fix it.

Maybe I’m an optimist.

But I’ll give it my best damn shot anyway.